The Code Enforcement Division is responsible for investigating and resolving public nuisances and other conditions that hamper the positive growth and development of the City and its neighborhoods.

Code Enforcement takes and investigates complaints from residents and businesses, monitors properties to ensure quick and complete resolution of any problems, and takes action to remediate any nuisances that are not solved voluntarily.  Code Enforcement uses a variety of strategies and tools to achieve compliance, including informal conversation, formal notices of violation, administrative fees, abatement of nuisances by contractors or city crews, and/or criminal prosecution in the City’s Environmental Court.

Common Code Enforcement complaints include tall weeds and grass, miscellaneous junk and trash, derelict vehicles, parking on unapproved surfaces (in the grass), stormwater quality violations (including grass in the street), tampering with utility meters and occupying houses without utilities.

Code Enforcement works closely with other city departments, including Public Works and the Police Department, but has directly responsibility only when related to certain specific public nuisances.  

To contact Code Enforcement with a possible complaint, please send us a code violation, email or leave a message on the

Code Hotline at (405) 670-7379

All complaints are investigated by Code Enforcement Officers.  Whenever possible, complaints are considered to be anonymous and identifying information is not disclosed unless required by legal process.  Due to privacy and legal concerns, updates on active cases cannot be provided.

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