City Clerk and Finance office is maintained by the City Clerk and Deputy City Clerk. This office is the custodian of all municipal records, which includes: minutes of the proceedings of the council, all ordinances and resolutions passed by the council, financial reports, audits, contracts, election documents, official reports, and etc.



Duties Of The City Clerk/Finance

The Office of the City Clerk exists to serve the public with information and assistance.

Functions Of The City Clerk

  • To record and preserve the legislative actions of the City Council of Del City

  • To conduct Elections

  • Administer and File Oaths of Office

  • Give Notice of Public Hearings

  • Administer Oaths, Affirmations and Acknowledgments

  • Receive and Open Bids

  • Receive Petitions Relating to Initiative, Referendum or Recall

  • Maintain Custody of City Seal

  • Attest to Subpoenas

  • Countersign General Obligation Bonds

  • Developing and maintaining  Records Management

  • Making public records available to the public

  • Receiving Claims

  • Giving informational assistance to the public

  • Collects and records revenue

  • Prepares, coordinates and monitors the City’s operating and capital budgets


Melissa Jones

City Clerk

Contact # 405-677-5741

Contact # 405-677-5741

Fax # 405-670-7307

Joe Carroll

Deputy City Clerk

Contact # 405-677-5741

Fax # 405-670-7307

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