2023 Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Project


What is this project?

During the May 1, 2023 Council Meeting, a public hearing was conducted regarding ITB0217 regarding Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) water meters. The bid was awarded to the lowest, most responsible bidder for this project. It was critical that the City of Del City initiate this project to improve the accuracy, accountability, and transparency of water consumption city-wide. The project is tentatively scheduled to begin July 2023, and we feel it is important to provide as much information as possible prior to project implementation.

Below are some FAQ’s regarding this project:

Why do we need new water meters?

Just like any other device, water meters wear out over time and must be replaced. The average age of a current Del City water meter is approximately 25 years old, with some being as old as 50 years. It is our responsibility to ensure the system accurately measures usage in order to provide responsible environmental stewardship.

How does this benefit residents?

This new technology will help customers identify possible leaks or excess water consumption quickly via our new Customer Portal, preventing a higher water bill and potential structure damage. Using the new portal that will be released later this year, you will have the ability to set alerts and restrictions that will help oversee your monthly costs. Many common breaks or leaks can be easily identified and repaired within hours vs. days or weeks. It also helps the community as the system will be via advanced technology and will provide the utility company with critical analytics to be more cost efficient.

How will I know if my new meter has been installed? Will I need to be home?

You will not be required to be present during the exchange, as the meter is accessible from the outside of the home. The contractor will be identifiable and will attempt to notify any occupants of the momentary water outage prior to temporarily disconnecting the water. They will be required to wear visible vests, carry ID badges, and have business cards. Customers will be required to ensure the meter is free and clear of any debris or obstructions that may prevent the contractor from replacing the meter. If the meter is located within a fenced area that contains animals, we ask that all animals be secured during the replacement for the safety of both the animal and the technician.

Will my water service be interrupted?

Yes, but only briefly. A typical replacement takes about 5-15 minutes. The installation technician will attempt to notify customers in advance of the brief water outage during the meter exchange. Will this cause my bill to increase? The rates for water are not increasing. However, there are some customers who may experience a reflection of higher usage simply because the new meter will read with 100% accuracy. As the current meters get older, they slow down until they eventually stop reading, meaning you may not be billed appropriately for your usage. The customer portal will allow you to view usage in real time and better understand your consumption habits. Customer Portal With this new system will come a customer portal that will allow you to monitor your utility account in real-time. You will be able to see your usage by the hour, subscribe to receive alerts for things such as excessive or continuous flow, and receive billing/termination reminders. The anticipated launch date for the customer portal is by November 2023.

Will there be more information to come on this process?

City Administration along with the Del City Council Members will be available to answer any questions about this process every step of the way. We plan to conduct Town Halls, hold discussions during all Council Meetings (1st & 3rd Monday of each month), staff in attendance at most Neighborhood Watch Meetings to answer questions, and we are always available via email (info@cityofdelcity.org). You may also follow the City’s Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/CityofDelCity) for real-time information regarding this project.


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