The Fire Prevention Bureau of the Del City Fire Department is responsible for Fire Investigations, Fire Inspections, Business Occupancy Inspections, New Occupancy Plan Reviews for Fire Codes, and Fire Code Compliance for current businesses.  It is led by Deputy Fire Chief/Fire Marshal Z. Williams and is assisted by Major Skip Self.  The Fire Prevention Bureau works with business owners and occupants to create a safe business environment for their customers by ensuring that structures are compliant with current life safety codes to minimize fire property loss and fire casualties.  Prior to any new business opening, you must go through proper zoning and occupancy requirements with the Community Services Department at City Hall.


1. EXITS: Require at least 2 means of egress (2 exits) and require the 2 exits to be remote from each other (separated).  Example: 1 in front and 1 in back (IFC 1015.2.1)

2. EMERGENCY LIGHTING: Required in all buildings.  Emergency lighting with battery back-up. (IFC 1006)

3. ILLUMINATED EXIT SIGNS WITH BATTERY BACK-UP: Required in all buildings above every exit. (IFC 1011 and/or City Ordinance Section 7-37)

4. FIRE EXTINGUISHERS: Required 10lb ABC with service tag from fire extinguisher company and mounted.  Travel distance to any extinguisher shall not exceed 75ft.  Fire extinguisher inspections and new tag placed on extinguisher shall not exceed 1 year and be performed by trained personnel from fire extinguisher company. (IFC 906.3 and/or City Ordinance Section 7-37)

5. SMOKE DETECTORS: Required in all buildings.  Placed on monitored alarm system if applicable. (IFC 907.3 and/or City Ordinance 7-37)

6. EXTENSION CORDS: Extension cords are not permanent wiring and are not allowed. (IFC 605.5 and/or City Ordinance Section 7-37)

7. DOOR LOCKS: Shall use thumb turn dead bolt, panic and/or fire hardware. (IFC 1008.1.9.3)

8. ELECTRICAL PANEL AND HVAC AREAS: All electrical panels shall have a minimum 36″ clearance in front of the panel and no less than 30″ width clearance. (IFC 605.3)



Here is the statement of our open burning ordinance:


Open Burning

A permit is required for all fires conducted outside of a building including bonfires and recreational fires. Permits will not be issued unless the burning operation complies with air pollution authority rules.


  1. Fires kindled for the instruction of personnel in methods of fire fighting.
  2. Small fires kindled in barbecue pit, exterior fireplace, cookout device, or other similar out-of-doors eating or cooking device when required for entertainment or necessity.

Burn Permits

Request for burn permits shall be made to the Fire Department by phone (405 671-2891), in person, or in writing, a Fire Department representative will conduct an inspection of the proposed burn site. When site is approved, a permit will be issued to the requesting party. The permit shall not be valid until the Fire Department representative receives the appropriate fee ($10.00). After receipt of the required fee, the permit shall be valid for one (1) calendar day.

The location for open burning, bonfires, or recreational fires shall not be less than 150 feet (45.7m) from residences or other structures. Burning shall also be no less than 1000 feet (304.8m) from any oil and gas well locations or surface equipment. Fire Department representative prior to issuance of a permit shall determine surrounding clear area around burn site.

Materials to be burned shall be limited to vegetative materials only. No construction materials, oils, rubbers, and other similar materials, which produce unreasonable amounts of air contaminants, shall be burned. Care shall be used to minimize the amount of dirt on the materials being burned.

All open burning shall be constantly attended until the fire is completely extinguished. Adequate fire protection as approved by the Fire Department shall be provided by permittee, including but not limited to water supply, hose and nozzle, earth moving equipment, and fire extinguishers.  Burn Permits will not be issued during Burn Bans, Ozone Alert Days/Air Quality Alert Days, or if winds are predicted to be greater than 15mph (sustained winds or gusts).

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