“There is no substitute for hard work.” – Thomas Edison

City Manager Overview

The City Manager shall supervise and control all administrative departments, agencies, officers, and employees; Prepare an annual budget and submit to the council and be responsible for it once it goes into effect; Prepare and submit an annual report on the finances and administrative activities of the city for the preceding year; Keep council advised on the financial condition and future needs of the city by making recommendations.

Appointed February 2020

Mike Cantrell enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1986 after graduating from Del City High School.  He served in Operation Desert Storm and was honorably discharged in May of 1991 after returning from deployment.  He began his career with the City of Del City in July of 1991 in Waterline Maintenance.  Given the amount of institutional knowledge and leadership skills he has, as well as the numerous roles served throughout his career, he was named Acting City Manager in February of 2020, making him responsible for over 200 city employees. He immediately went to work navigating the city through a pandemic, with minimal interruption of service to the residents.


Mike has been married to his wife, Peggy, for over 2 decades.  They have 3 children, 3 grandchildren, and one extremely spoiled dog.  He can be reached at mcantrell@cityofdelcity.org.


Previous Positions- City of Del City

  • July 1991- May 1995: Crew Worker/Meter Repairs, Waterline Maintenance
  • May 1995- February 1997: Code Enforcement
  • February 1997- June 2005- Plant Maintenance Coordinator/ Operator, Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • June 2005- March 2010: Assistant Supervisor, Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • March 2010- June 2011: Supervisor, Waterline Maintenance
  • June 2011- September 2018: Deputy Public Works Director
  • September 2018- February 2020: Public Works Director


  • Certified Water Laboratory Technician, 1998- Present
  • Certified Wastewater Laboratory Technician, 1999-Present
  • Certified Wastewater Works Operator, 1998- Present
  • Certified Water Works Operator, 2010- Present
  • Certified Construction Inspector, 2011


  • Army Commendation Medal, 1991
  • Lifetime Pathfinder Appointment, 1990
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